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Professional Handyman

How to Hire a Great Handyman

When looking to hire a handyman, it is imperative that you find someone you can develop an ongoing relationship with. It's great to have a skilled handyman you can trust to repair or upgrade things at your house when needed. A professional and courtesy handyman makes your home better. When choosing for the perfect handyman for the job, here is a basic checklist to consider before hiring:

· Read Reviews: Great work speaks for itself through positive online reviews from previous and current customers. Look for a company with an array of experience

· Work Experience: If you need to replace a leaky faucet or garbage disposal, look for a handyman who has successfully installed faucets and disposals. You don't want your home to be their first faucet or garbage disposal installation.

· Discuss Rates: Have the handyman provide you with an estimate first. That way you will know ahead of time whether your future handyman charges are by the hour or your quote will be one flat rate.

· Discuss Payment Options: Find out what methods of payments they take. Ask do they accept credit cards and checks? For larger jobs, discuss payment plans. If you hire a handyman for a multi-day project, they may request a deposit, however, be concerned of anyone who wants you to pay in full before you start the job or before the job is completed.

· Gut check the Estimate: A Handyman who provides a drastically lower estimate may not be reputable and may possibly disappear. Trustworthy and professional handyman operations require standard rates to remain in business. So, if a handyman's quote is extremely lower, they may not have enough funds to complete the job.

· Look at Past Projects: Look for a handyman who has been in business for years, someone who will be more likely to stand by their work. Someone who is bonded and insured or who offers a warranty.

· Talk About Job Timelines: For larger projects, such as hanging wallpaper throughout your entire home, or a renovation, discuss when the project will start and end, as well as what time they will arrive for work each day. Also, question the approximate hours of work they will do per day and when they expect to finish. Whether the job will take only a few hours or several weeks, and make sure you and the handyman agree on a timeline you're both happy with.

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